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Garage Roof Replacement

Garage Roof Replacement

Are you looking for a garage roof replacement that is lightweight, secure, completely watertight and guaranteed for 20 years?

GRP roofing is the number one choice for replacing garage roofs, no other roofing membrane provides a completely impenetrable and waterproof system all in one. Perfect for homeowners looking to secure their garage roof from the elements and intruders.
Whether you have a single or double garage roof, we can install grp fibreglass roofing made to measure so you never have to worry about a leaky garage roof ever again.

Benefits of GRP Roofing for Garage Roofs

• Weather resistant, durable and cost effective these three characteristics make it the optimum choice for a garage roof replacement. When professionally installed by a trained contractor it brings many advantages.

• Seamless, the entire garage roof becomes one piece.

• Will not leak from ponding or being under water indefinitely.

• Impact resistant.

• Chemical resistant.

• Choice of topcoat colours, light colours help provide energy efficiency.

• Can be walked on without damage.

• Fire resistant.

• Great insulator, non conductive.

grp roofing for garage flat roofs
grp roofing to garage roof