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Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement

Single storey flat roof extensions are a really good way to add space and value to your home. Many homeowners have already chosen to add an extension to the back of their home as kitchen extensions or living rooms.

Flat roof extensions are generally above habitual spaces, meaning that they should already have insulation. Insulation is a requirement of Building Regulations (Part L:2006). If you are putting up a new building or a new extension, or you’re repairing or replacing more than 25% of an existing flat roof area, you will need to add thermal insulation to your roof.

For a flat roof replacement sometimes it is possible to overlay with new insulated boards and the grp roofing system, but every flat roof is individual and needs a thorough assessment.

During a survey, your flat roof will be inspected for both insulation and rot, while making sure the roof structure is sound.

Waterproofing your flat roof with a grp roofing system will give you the most durable option with no joints or seams to go wrong in the future. Aesthetically pleasing in a range of top coat colours and tough enough to walk on. It even comes with a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturers.

grp roofing for flat roof extensions