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Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass Roofing



New Builds

We understand the tight timescales often involved with new builds and the necessity of delivering on time and to budget. Since April 2006, if you’re refurbishing more than 50% of your existing flat roof, you are required by law to upgrade the insulation in your flat roof in order to comply with the Government’s “Conservation of Fuel & Power in existing dwellings” Part L1b regulations.Today most new build flat roofs are constructed using a Warm Roof System. This involves fixing solid insulation boards to the top of the flat roofing deck, which eliminates the need to ventilate between the joists and therefore remedies cold air circulating into your home causing draughts and cold spots.

Warm Roofs

There are two common options for the refurbishment of a warm roof, either to strip and replace the existing system and start again or overlay the roof and add additional insulation.

The overlay option should only be considered when the existing flat roof is deemed suitable and compatible.

Cold Roofs

When a cold roof is required for fibreglass roofing refurbishment, it is often difficult to upgrade the existing insulation in the ceiling void and maintain uniform thickness and an adequate cross flow of ventilation above it. It is therefore often preferable to convert the cold roof to a warm roof construction. Removal of existing insulation from the ceiling void and prior ventilation may need to be sealed off to eliminate condensation problems.

Flat Roof Replacement

The first thing to examine when considering a flat roof replacement is the existing condition of the deck and the supporting structure.The existing roof coverings if made from strawboard or chipboard should be replaced as their lifespan is limited and any water ingress that may have occurred will have reduced their load bearing strength. Chipboard or strawboard would normally be replaced with a suitable grade plywood or OSB Board. As a flat roof is defined as a thermal element, building regulations state that when refurbishing or replacing an existing flat roof covering, the work to re-cover a roof should also include the improvement of thermal insulation properties of the roof.Our GRP roofing systems for new build and refurbishment flat roofing projects can be installed without the need to remove the existing roof, and when a warm roof configuration is required it can be applied to insulated warm roof boarding with a fibreglass matting layer.Our innovative grp roofing system can be cold applied directly to a range of materials including felt, asphalt, concrete and tissue-backed insulation. As no new decking boards are required this ensures minimal disruption on site and reduces landfill as no removal of the pre-existing roof is necessary.Suitable for both domestic and commercial flat roof projects, including extensions, garages, dormers, porches and orangeries, through to large flat roof commercial projects with architectural details.