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Looking for a Flat Roof Replacement?

Flat Roof Replacement

Are you looking for a seamless waterproof and virtually maintenance free flat roof replacement?

Our flat roofs are the ideal solution for a range of domestic flat roofing applications including:

Flat Roof Replacement

Conservatories and Orangeries

Garage Roof Replacement

Balconies & Walkways
We install GRP Roofing Systems using premium grade fibreglass roofing resins for a flat roof replacement that is impenetrable, waterproof, fireproof and which will outlast all other roofing materials.
Advantages of GRP Roofing

Fibreglass roofing offers many benefits including:

Safe Installation – No heat or complicated machinery is needed, resulting in a safer installation.

Durable and Strong – Once installed the new GRP Roofing System has a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Waterproof – No joints or seams ensures your flat roof is completely waterproof and the topcoat is resistant to weathering.


Why Choose GRP Roofing as your Flat Roof Replacement?

GRP is the ultimate flat roofing system, which can be installed either by completely removing the orginal roofing material and boards, or by a method of an overlay system if the original roofing structure is deemed to be of a sound construction.

Make your home warmer and more energy efficient by upgrading the flat roof insulation. This maybe deemed necessary to conform to building regulations if your flat roof is over a habitual space.

Forget about it! Yes fibreglass is used for the hull on boats and aeroplanes as the toughest lightest known material to man, which pretty much means its that reliable you can forget about it.

When it comes to installation day, we only use the highest quality roofing materials to ensure greater strength and durability.
A new flat roof approximately 20m square can be installed by our team of 2 to 3 men in one day.

Choose from a selection of topcoat colours to blend your flat roof in with the local environment.

Call us today on 0161 762 9899 to arrange a free no obligation quote.


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