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Frequently Asked Questions

If You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers!

GRP has a number of benefits compared to traditional roofing products, especially for flat roofing.

Just some of the advantages:

  • lasts at least 3 – 4 times as long as traditional bitumen roofing felt
  • can be laid in a wide range of colours to match surrounding architecture
  • completely impervious to water with no seams
  • can be made non-slip if it’s to be walked on
  • energy efficient when combined with ‘Kingspan’ foam insulation

A warm roof is a flat roof with the insulation laid on top of the decking and not in the roof void. The roof system is then fitted directly onto this or onto further decking.

This insulation method ensures the entire roof structure is insulated, meaning it’s more energy efficient than a cold roof.

We only use specially formulated roofing resins and topcoats with fire certification with no restrictions on their use which is your guarantee for situations where fire safety is a necessity.

Yes. The standard top coat colours are light grey (close to RAL 7047) and dark grey (close to RAL 7012), but a match to any RAL or BS colour can be made. Costs will vary according to the colour chosen.

Installation time will depend on the size and complexity of the project but as an example a simple garage roof can take as little as a day to install – while other projects may take a little longer. Please bear in mind that, as with all outside building works, weather can impact on the speed at which a job can be completed.

The roof normally cures within an hour or so of being laid. It is laid in two stages; the main laminate and then the topcoat. Either layer can be stopped at any time and covered over to be continued when the weather is next suitable.

All our jobs are booked in strict rotation and customers kept informed of their position on our waiting list by our office staff.

Yes, your premises will be left as we find it, all debris is swept and site tidied before we go, leaving you with a tidy job and not knowing we have been on site. We rarely use skips to protect your driveway. Our surveyor will advise.

Your GRP roof is virtually maintenance free, every spring and autumn dust and dirt can easily be washed off if you want to keep it looking as good as new.

Our 20 year guarantee covers against break down of materials or defective or faulty workmanship. If within a period of twenty years (from date of installation), the installation proves to be defective by reason of a fault in the installation or fixing procedure resulting in a leak arising in the installation, the installer undertakes to repair that section of the roof free of charge.